Contemporary Amber Onyx Lamp Set - Geometric Shape - 12 Inches - Ideal for Holiday Decor

Sale price$350.00

This is a lamp set that comes with two lamps cut from the same stone to give you a unique set of onyx lamps

We know that having a matching set is a must in many situations, so we have created a collection where we will make sure they are matching set. Variations may vary a little in each set but they will be consistent in color and style.

At Stone Fusion we take pride in our hand-crafted, one of a kind onyx lamps. With natural accents trending in home decor weve designed our lamps to make any living space illuminate with a beautiful ambient glow.

Frequently Asked Questions:

-Dimensions: 12 6 6

-We Recommend 40-100 watt lightbulbs & daylight bulbs bring out the natural colors the best

-We recommend standard size LED bulbs because them omit less heat

-It is a standard size socket and we recommend a smaller size bulb to fit easier inside.

-You can find these at any standard store (Walmart, Home Depot, Lowes, Amazon etc.)