Gold Cornered Gray Vertical Banded Onyx Showpiece - 16 Inches Tall

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At Stone Fusion we take pride in our hand-crafted, one of a kind onyx lamps. With natural accents trending in home decor weve designed our lamps to make any living space illuminate with a beautiful ambient glow.

Just as each of us are individually unique in our own way, onyx is also that way. It cannot ever be replicated perfectly. When we find a vein of rock in the mountain that is consistent for a couple yards we are able to make a collection and that is what weve done with Transparent Clear.

Because these are made of real stone, variations can differ slightly with each piece. We have separated the lamps in this collection into exact sizes, shapes and colors so you can expect them to be consistent in that way.

-Dimensions: 12 6 6
-We Recommend 40-100 watt lightbulbs & daylight bulbs bring out the natural colors the best
-We recommend standard size LED bulbs because them omit less heat
-It is a standard size socket and we recommend a smaller size bulb to fit easier inside.
-You can find these at any standard store (Walmart, Home Depot, Lowes, Amazon etc.)